Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bedroom Refresh

This past weekend, I made a quick jaunt over to Vancouver Island to visit my bestie. While we were on our way, she had asked if I would help her to re-upholster an old ottoman that she had been desperate to recover, but had no idea where to start. Myself, being the eternal optimist thought "why not just do your whole bedroom!". This has been a topic of discussion for quite sometime between her and I. She wanted a huge change, but was really lost as to how or where to start. Not to mention that she has repainted twice since they moved in, and has hated it each time. We were not only on a time crunch, but a strict budget....(husbands...)
A few weeks ago she found an amazing feather pillow that created inspiration for the direction I wanted to take this room make over. They key was to make it fresh, calming, and yet still maintain balance between feminine and masculine. I was really drawn to blue for this room. As you can see, it desperately needed a major overhaul.

In years past they had moved the sconces over by a foot on each side. The electrician who did the work, finished off the job by placing large round caps over the gaping holes in the wall. This has been driving Ashley crazy for years. Our first solution was to remove the caps and plaster over the holes using drywall screens and putty.

Then we proceeded to cover the wall in paintable wall paper. Those holes made a giant mess of the wall and frankly, covering them was a fabulous solution. It also created a great backdrop for the bed, and because it's textured and paintable, you are never committed to the choice of color that you have made. It's easily changed. The wall sconces were also dated and had to go! 

We found these at home depot. I like that they are contemporary and clean. The sliver pops off the wall perfectly.

We also had a bit of a dresser dilemma. Again, we were looking to stay on a really tight budget for this project and felt that painting the dresser was our best solution. The brown had to go.

 So we decided on a clean fresh coat of paint - Annie Sloan, of course. Duck Egg blue fit nicely into the color palette that we had chosen. 

I was looking for an inexpensive solution for the ottoman that started this whole shenanigans, and have always wanted to try painting vinyl with Annie Sloan. So I decided to make this my experiment.
 Of course it turned out better than I expected!

The last piece of the puzzle was to create a fabulous headboard. Although we didn't have time to complete the entire piece before I headed home, we did get the majority finished. Ashley is going to put buttons on, to created a quilted finished look.
I was really apprehensive about working with striped material. It is much less forgiving when it comes to upholstery. Since I am a newbie at it, I was REALLY intimidated. But it was worth a shot. Not too shabby?
So after 2 days of sweat and tears, and only $300.00, it turned out to be a beautiful, calm retreat for Ashley and her husband. The final test came when Shawn saw the room.....did I forget to mention that he hates blue? It turned out that he loved it, and was thoroughly happy with the finished result. Thank goodness, or I would probably not be aloud to come over to play anymore.....