Sunday, 29 July 2012

French Bench

My hubby found this great bench for me at a move he was doing. That's the best part of having a hubby who moves furniture for a living, he usually comes across items either before they hit the thrift store, or the owners are selling them really cheap. It's a great bonus!
She had lots of potential, but was really lacking in spirit. Drab and boring, in fact.
I had already started applying a coat of ASCP in French Linen to her, before I remembered to take a before picture!

I had the most amazing french inspired fabric that I had been dying to use, but wasn't sure what to use it for. 
It matched the French Linen and Old White so beautifully, and I was excited to tackle an upholstery project. Earlier this year I took a mini course in it, and was itching to use my knowledge.  However, I will admit, it was a little intimidating. 
After a coat of Dark Wax, and the upholstered bench fastened on, I am in love with how she turned out! I wish my tiny entrance way would allow for something like this. What a great way to hide shoes, or even store extra blankets in a bedroom.  She is fully painted inside and out, and waiting for someone to take her to home.

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