Thursday, 10 October 2013

Buffing it up

Today I had the opportunity to try a brand new product find from Spruce Collective.
This little gem attaches to your drill and is used to buff! Now as much as I enjoy busting my ass to polish up the never ending assembly line of waxed furniture, this is an AMAZING time and energy saver. It lost quite a few bristles during my first session, but it didn't affect the finished outcome. It buffed the wax up to a beautiful shine with very minimal effort. The most effort was trying to keep the buffer stable and avoid it from running away on me. 
I wouldn't recommend using this attachment to apply your wax, only to buff it after you have applied a thin, even layer with either a soft cloth, or a waxing brush. I would also recommend having two. One for clear and one for dark wax. I was happy that the bristles didn't end up gunky after I was done, unlike a wax brush after an application.   
All in all, I really loved this product. With a price point of $28.00, I think it's completely worth the investment. Considering the time and effort I saved, it earned points during the first use! You know that I love finding new ways to avoid effort! You can find this product in store at Spruce Collective on Montrose Ave in Abbotsford BC.