Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sunshine Award

I am blessed to live a life that allows me the freedom to do the what I love the most, and surround myself with like minded people who are creative and have amazing talent. This morning, my good friend and mentor Elisa from home sweet nest honored me with the Sunshine Award.
The Sunshine Award promotes bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the Blogsphere! To be worthy, one must answer 10 questions so others can know a little more about you and pass along the award to ten other bloggers.

1. Favorite Color - Pink! But to paint with, I would have to say that Duck Egg (Annie Sloan) is currently my obsession.
2. Favorite Animal - My three girls! (Cats)  Kia, Stella and be fair, we thought Samson was a boy when we named her.
3. Favorite Number -13 and 62. (Sorry to all the superstitious people)
4. Favorite Drink - Ceaser with a table salted rim, light on the spice and pickled asparagus! 
5. Facebook or Twitter -  Facebook 100%. I have never even looked at Twitter.
6. Good Book or Good Movie - Movie, movie, movie! I get distracted too easily to ever be engrossed by a book.
7. My Passion -  Being creative and crafty. (and being a mommy)
8. Getting or Giving Gifts - As much as I love to receive a good present, I would say that i love giving more! I get all excited when I have found something that I know they're going to love. It's the very best!
9. Favorite Day - Any day that might involve me throwing a party! But honestly, I love son was born the next day, and it has become a really huge event in our house.
10. Favorite Flower - Gerber Daisys and Tulips. (pink)

I would like to pass this along to 10 amazing bloggers that inspire me.
1. Diana - Vintage Cove Girl
3. Carrie - The Passionate Home
4. Donna - Funky Junk
6. Kim - The Tom Kat Studio
8. Betsy - Belly Feathers
9. Tracey - Raggy Girl Vintage

Here is how this award works:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  • Answer the above 10 questions yourself.
  • Select 10 more bloggers , link their blogs to your post and let them know they've been awarded the Sunshine Award!
  • Don't forget to copy and paste the Award on your blog!

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  1. awww, I just noticed this, Desja! Thank you!! Since I was the one who awarded Elisa, I'm afraid I won't be able to follow through, but I do love how the love came back! :) And I WILL be mentioning your blog on my blog soon :) I wanted to ask you, how much are those 2 red framed beach pictures of yours? We are redoing our bathroom, and I can't get the one out of my head, that says "I'm just a mermaid waiting for my lifeguard"... I have no idea what the other one says, I'm no even sure I looked at it, I loved the first one so much!! Feel free to email me with the details, and maybe a close up of the second one, if you have a pic of it. Thanks!! xo